University of Virginia, Campbell Hall Charlottesville, Virginia

DrillCore operated at UVA as part of a renovation and expansion project on Campbell Hall. In this building, DrillCore worked on two additions: the Southern Addition and the Eastern Addition. On both additions of the building, twenty-four-, thirty-six-, and forty- two-inch-diameter diamond wall-saw blades were used on a hydraulic-powered saw along with chainsaws for corner cuts.

The work for the Southern Addition was done out of a twenty-foot-deep pit and consisted of two cuts, both measuring seven feet eight inches by nine feet. These cuts were both made through a twelve-inch- thick reinforced rebar wall. Because of the depth of the pit, equipment had to be transported to the workers by crane. The process of safely cutting the wall and disposing the cut space was complex and required careful consideration of the wall’s weight and available machinery. For example, the crane had a maximum weight capability of 2,500 pounds. Each wall cut weighed considerably more than this. To overcome this problem, DrillCore cut a three-by- four-by-twelve-inch wall cut, each weighing between 2,100 and 2,400 pounds, so that each piece could be moved. Anchors were then inserted into each segment, along with eye bolts, and each piece was removed and disposed of by crane. All cutting had to be done on the outside of the wall because of the shoring on the inside, which limited the crew’s access to two inches. The crew used a thirteen-foot scaffold.

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