Henrico Wastewater Treatment Plant Henrico, VA

Subcontracted by English Construction, DrillCore was hired to drill four twenty-inch holes in a large concrete water tank to provide space for the installation of new eighteen-inch water pipes.
The drilling process was complicated. While each core was twenty inches in diameter, the length of the cores measured sixty inches, which was the width of water tank’s wall. To successfully complete the project safely, and accurately removing each core from the wall without causing damage to the wall itself, DrillCore drilled in twenty-inch-deep increments. After drilling twenty inches into the wall, the crew snapped the core using wedges in order to break the core into safe and manageable segments. Then an anchor was inserted into the smaller core segment and was carefully removed. Further complicating the drilling process, the water tank’s wall was reinforced with three-quarter-inch rebar. DrillCore used a hydraulic drill with a power pack, and spent one day safely and thoroughly drilling and removing each twenty-by-sixty-inch core.

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