Southside Regional Medical Center Petersburg, Virginia

Atlantic Constructors was hired to install mechanical systems at the new Southside Regional Medical Center. Atlantic hired DrillCore to drill 2,800 cores through a six-inch-thick wire-mesh pan deck floor, as well as two twenty-inch and four fourteen-inch holes in a reinforced wall. The floor cores ranged from three to fourteen inches. DrillCore used two drills and averaged seventy-five holes per […]

University of Virginia, Campbell Hall Charlottesville, Virginia

DrillCore operated at UVA as part of a renovation and expansion project on Campbell Hall. In this building, DrillCore worked on two additions: the Southern Addition and the Eastern Addition. On both additions of the building, twenty-four-, thirty-six-, and forty- two-inch-diameter diamond wall-saw blades were used on a hydraulic-powered saw along with chainsaws for corner cuts. The work for the […]

Sheraton Hotel Baltimore, Maryland

DrillCore was hired as part of a water-plumbing and mechanical project at the Sheraton Hotel at the BWI Airport in Baltimore, Maryland. The crew was responsible for drilling 2,000 cores for pipes. The holes had to be drilled through six-inch hollow plank floors with four strands of pre-stressed cable in each plank. In order to successfully complete the project, bits […]

Henrico Wastewater Treatment Plant Henrico, VA

Subcontracted by English Construction, DrillCore was hired to drill four twenty-inch holes in a large concrete water tank to provide space for the installation of new eighteen-inch water pipes. The drilling process was complicated. While each core was twenty inches in diameter, the length of the cores measured sixty inches, which was the width of water tank’s wall. To successfully […]

James Madison University, Miller Hall Harrisonburg, Virginia

As a part of a construction project to completely renovate JMU’s Miller Hall, DrillCore was hired in 2007 to sawcut twenty-six four-by-eight-foot window cuts, ten of which were located at a height of twenty feet on the building’s rear wall. The remaining sixteen window cuts were located on the front wall. For this project, DrillCore’s crew consisted of three men […]

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